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If nothing is done to remove him from office, Richard Michael DeWine will remain in power as Governor of Ohio until January 9th, 2023.  That is far too long for Ohioans to wait for justice to be done, and to pend on the fortunes of a future election to replace him.

Since March 14th, 2020, Ohioans have been subjected to the absolute tyranny of one-man rule: A Republican-In-Name-Only (RINO) named Mike DeWine.

Often with an observable glee, DeWine and his accomplices have made a virtual doormat of our beloved United States Constitution and Constitution of the State of Ohio.  Even if life returns to normalcy, Governor DeWine’s flagrant violations of the law cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged and unaccounted for.

"If all of us would put on a face covering now for the next 4 weeks/6 weeks, we could drive this epidemic into the ground." -- (July 15th, 2020) Mike DeWine, quoting the CDC

Health Department Orders & revisions under Governor DeWine
81 (March 2020--present)
Executive Orders & Revisions Issued by Governor DeWine
25 (March 2020--present)

It takes a team to destroy a state

THE accomplices

Lance Himes

Health Director: 2020

Stephanie McCloud

Health Director: 2019--2021

Dr Bruce Vanderhoff

Health Director: 2021--Present
Chief Medical Officer: 2020--2021

Bob Cupp

Ohio Speaker of the House: 2020--present

Dave Yost

Attorney General: Term 2019--2023

Jon Husted

Lieutenant Governor: Term 2019--2023

Jane Timken

Ohio GOP Chair: 2017--2021

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